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Make Your Mark Live™ is in...

🚨 Only 1 Early Bird Ticket Left

There are only 2 people who can market your business: you and other people. So let's meet those other people!

Join us VIRTUALLY from your comfy couch on September 21-22, 2023 to meet 10-20 new collab partners!


For creators, consultants, course creators, and service providers who are change-makers and thought leaders ready to make their mark by meeting new collab partners!


Course Creators




Service Providers



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We’re here to make an impact in our work, our communities, and our homes.

This is your chance to be in the room with…

The Best People

I hate to brag, but ask anyone on these internet streets, and you'll know: I attract the smartest, most generous biz owners into my community. These are the connections that make big things happen, and these relationships could change the course of your life – not even exaggerating.

The Best Ideas

Our speakers and topics will cover the perfect blend of tried-and-true and breaking news. We know you want the latest on what’s working, what’s not, and what’s coming down the pike, so you can stay one step ahead in this ever-changing online business landscape.

The Biggest Transformations

When you combine the smartest, kindest biz owners with the best-of-the-best ideas, what do you get? TRANSFORMATION. There’s no way to replace the magic that happens at these events.

And this event is called Make Your Mark Live™ because that’s the name of this transformation game. 

You’ll walk away knowing how to continue innovating so you can stay at the forefront as a change maker and thought leader – and you’ll have a strong, supportive community at your side to help make it happen. 

Raise your hand if you feel personally victimized by your business right now🙋🏽‍♀️


I'm going to get real with you: Business is a bit more unpredictable right now 😱

It feels harder to stand out. Harder to get leads. Harder to get sales. Harder to be heard. 

And it’s not just the saturation, it’s the economy and the ever-changing landscape of, well…#allthethings.  

AI is coming at us with life-changing tools to make our work more efficient…or to send us to the back of the pack. 

What worked even a few months ago may not work today.

Trust is lower than ever, and it just feels like we are talking ot 

We all need a better way to stand out in the industry, make our mark, and overcome our own fears to keep growing our businesses.

It's time to Make Your Mark Live™ and get connected with others who WANT to share your brilliance too!

I’m Jordan Gill, and I feel it too…

Things are shifting fast in online business. And I know from experience. 
My team has grown and shrunk many times over the years. I paused my big evergreen program that made me millions in late 2022 because it just wasn’t aligned for me anymore. I was feeling crispy-fried from burnout, and I knew there had to be a better way. So I started experimenting. 

I launched 10 offers in a span of 6 months. I stopped copying what others were doing and started to create outside-the-box offers. I experimented with AI, and helped others see its capabilities. And I went all in on something I’ve always believed in: the power of relationship marketing and collaborations. 

Honestly, some of it felt like starting from scratch. But it also felt necessary. And it was. Because I made a commitment to myself in 2023 to show up. To be seen. To be known. To make my voice heard. 

And that’s what Make Your Mark Live™ is really all about: 

Helping YOU create the path forward to being seen, known, and making your mark on the world – by shunning the status quo, and leaning into innovation.

Meet our Keynote Speakers:


Desola Davis

How to Lead While Extending Your Clients Impact Value™

Understand the value of your community of raving fans along with the rewards and responsibility that come with leading.


Zafira Rajan

Draw In Aligned Clients Through Sensory Storytelling

Infuse sensory storytelling into our marketing and bring about feedback like: "I was moved to tears", "I feel like I'm right there with you" and "Yours are the only emails I open!"


Jaclyn Mellone

Saying No to the Good to Make Room for the Great

After this talk, you'll walk away knowing what you're holding on to that may be "good," BUT is in the way of your next level of influence.


Kaitlyn Carlson

Building an Intentional Wealth Routine as a Business Owner

You'll leave this talk feeling excited about the long-term wealth your online business can build for you. Literally. Get excited for the actual possibilities!

Also, Meet our Panel Who Is Speaking About Creating Compelling Offers:


Moderator: Ellen Yin
Cubicle to CEO

Host of Top 100 entrepreneurial podcast Cubicle to CEO and bootstrapper-turned-millionaire.


Kirsten Roldan
Kirsten Roldan

Former burned-out funnel agency owner to $1M in peaceful part-time hours with email marketing & a lean team.


Tania Bhattacharyya
Lumos Marketing Co

Lighting up the voices of women and leaders of color through thought leadership branding on LinkedIn


Lyrik Fryer
Workplay Branding

Revolutionizing the way you create content for your online business with done-for-you custom branding shoots


Erin Perkins
Mabely Q

 Making businesses “successible” = success + accessible –  to better serve your community and clients

And Last (But Certainly Not Least), We Have Some Incredible VIP Speakers On Our Stage:


Ange Matthews
Happy Investor Method

How to Create Ridiculous Wealth with Passive Investing


Ashley Pendergraft
Systems Over Stress

Why I'm Not Worried About Being an "Ethical" Business Owner - And What I'm Focusing On Instead


Belinda Rosenblum
Own Your Money

Life Proofing Your Business


Charlene Lam
Charlene Lam

Packing & Unpacking - Lessons from a Grief Coach


Chrysta Wilson
Chrysta Wilson

Your Recipe for A Soul-Nourishing Life


Courtney Boudet
Courtney Boudet

Shame-Free Business Finances


Dai Smith
Simplicity by Day

Understanding your Productivity Super Power


Dr. Julia Colangelo
Dr. Julia Colangelo

There's Another Way - Find Your Flow & Make Your Mark Joyfully and Thoughtfully


Erinn Bridgman
Erinn Bridgman

The Entrepreneur's Path to Financial Freedom


Jasmine Myers
Women of Woo

Why Intuition is a REQUIRED Success Skill


Jenn Zellers
Virtual Summit Search

The Magic of a Profitable Speaking Topic


Kasey D'Amato
Kasey D'Amato

Creating Your Legacy - Empowerment, Conviction, & the Intersection of Business & Life


Lindsay Dreyer
The Joyfulpreneur

Business Success Starts at Home - The Work-Life Juggle

Ted Talk Speakers

Martha Cristina Garza
Martha Cristina Garza

Stop Conforming. Start Showcasing Your Magic.


Meredith Kallaher
Meredith Kallaher

Precision Over Guesswork - Elevate Your Strategy from Spaghetti to Sprint Testing


Monica Froese
Monica Froese

Shed the Weight - Leverage What You've Created


Natalie Bullen
Unapologetic Wealth

There's Money Everywhere - How to Show up and Sell Unapologetically Every Day

September 21-22, 2023

Your ticket gives you access to both days and networking opportunities with other attendees + sponsors.

For in-person tickets: There will be a Welcome Party Happy Hour* on September 20th to get the party started and to connect new + familiar faces!

*This Pre-Registration Happy Hour is not affiliated with the alumni networking event. This is hosted after the event and is open to all attendees.

Virtual + Live from Dallas, TX

The event will take place LIVE in the Design District area of Dallas, Texas.

Virtual attendees will get access online from the coziness of a couch, beanbag, or viewing area of their choice via our virtual events platform. There are also networking opportunities online as well as in-person.

Virtual folks will NOT get left behind...promise


Day 1 is chock full of intentional keynotes by Jordan and our featured speakers.

You will also get to hear from some of our VIP Ticket holders who get to make their mark on our very stage! So exciting!


Day 2 starts off with a workshop led by Systems Saved Me®'s Head Honcho, Jordan Gill + will then flow into additional keynote speakers and VIP ticket speakers.

We have various on-site activities for both days that will be announced at a later date.

Networking Breaks + Lunch

We recognize that these two days are going to be a lot and we want you to maximize every single second! So we have thoughtfully scheduled breaks for you to network with one another + with our virtual attendees, connect with our sponsors, or to take a much needed break to reenergize.

Lunch is included for our in-person ticket holders.



Whether you come to Dallas or you're joining from home, we know that you may want to re-watch a session! Every ticket holder will get a 7-day replay period that will be accessed through our Virtual Platform.

We will be offering longer access to the replays for purchase at checkout.

Not sure yet? No worries, we will still offer this replay extension until Friday, September 29.

This may be our first in-person conference, but it’s not our first rodeo…

We’ve served over 5,000 folks through 6 virtual conferences over the last 3 years, with results like:


Meet Your Host:

Hey there! I’m Jordan Gill, Head Honcho of Systems Saved Me® and host of Make Your Mark Live™! 

I am celebrating 7 years in my business and this year is all about owning my voice, leading by example, and helping YOU push past your fears of being seen + known. I want you to be the representation you want to see in the world.

With speaking on dozens of stages, being a guest on over 150+ podcasts while recording over 360+ episodes on my own, PLUS hosting multiple engaging + life-changing virtual events, I have found the secret sauce to staying relevant. 

The truth is - it's about combining innovation with intentional relationships – this dynamic duo never fails when it comes to growing your visibility to make your mark.  

A Few Things We Will Be Talking About:

  •  Fear of the Unknown (And Being Known): How to Navigate Both in Business with Ease 

  •  The Art of Revelency: Staying Top of Mind is the Secret Weapon to Unlock Your Next Level 

  •  Build Compelling Offers that Ooze Authority and Alignment



In Person Ticket




Live in Dallas

  •  In-Person ticket to our 2-day Make Your Mark Live™ event – get your booty into the room & cultivate relationships that will change your life and your biz!
  •  Access to our virtual Make Your Mark Live™ Platform
  •  Networking with both in-person and virtual attendees
  •  Content Creation Photo Opportunity
  •  Opportunity to be on a top 1% business podcast
  •  'Girls Night In' Themed Swag Bag
  •  7-Day Replay Access*
  • Lunch Included for 2-Day Event (Sept 21 + 22)
  •  Multiple Dance Parties
  •  Meet sponsors, speakers, and each other IRL!
  •  Exclusive access to our Summer Glamp Speaker Series and the replays

Virtual Ticket




Live From Your Couch

  •  Virtual ticket to our 2-day Make Your Mark Live™ event – with live broadcasting to make it feel like you’re right in the room (while you’re actually in your PJs – win!)
  •  7-day access to event recordings*
  •  Exclusive access to our Summer Glamp Speaker Series and the replays
  • Access to our Make Your Mark Live™ 2023 community – open 1 month prior to the event for ALL ticketholders!  
  •  Your very own Make Your Mark Live™ virtual swag bag with all kinds of online goodies like discount codes, templates, and more!
  • A chance to win prizes for our MYML “stans”
  • The best playlists, community, and virtual dance party EVER…


Got a question? Click here! 



*Longer replay periods will be available for purchase at checkout. Not sure yet? That's okay as the extended replay offer will be available for purchase until Friday, September 29th.

This Event is proudly sponsored by:

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It's time to shun the status quo and meet the future of your business.

If you’re ready to…

✔️ Find your unique viewpoint and get comfortable with shouting it from the rooftops

✔️ Create relationships that completely change the trajectory of your business in the best way

✔️ Get the latest on how to blend tried-and-true with blow-their-minds disruption so you can stand out as the innovator you are

✔️ Make Your Mark™ in this industry – without giving up your personal life to make it happen

Then it’s time to snag yourself a ticket!

 Join us for our ⭐Bonus⭐Summer Glamp Speaker Series

 ONLY for Make Your Mark Live™ ticket holders!


We'd never leave you hanging all summer wishing it was September already...

Our Summer Glamp Speaker Series is specially designed to provide our ticketholders with the very best tools, tips, and advice on how to make the most of our Make Your Mark Live™ event. 

Because we want y’all to do more than just attend, we want you to TRANSCEND. And bonus – this will help you with every event you go to moving forward! 

Workshops will be recorded and made available for those who can’t attend live.

Check out our speakers below👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼


Rock the Room: Socially savvy skills to network & engage with intention

Wednesday, May 24th from 11 am to 12:30 pm CST


Imposing On Imposter Syndrome, addressing the inner critic with ease.

Wednesday, June 21st from 5 pm to 6:30 pm CST

summer series speakers Julia

How to activate your inner thought leader with Flow.

Tuesday, July 11th from 12 pm to 1:30 pm CST

Got questions about the conference?

 Got questions about in-person tickets? Click here!

Coming to Dallas?


We are so excited to host Make Your Mark Live™ at the GORGEOUS Hall on Dragon, in the design district of Dallas, TX! The venue is bright, airy, and has just the perfect flow and aesthetic to empower YOUR transformation.

Check out a quick walk through reel video here 👉🏽 👉🏽 👉🏽


While we do have some Dallasites joining us at Make Your Mark Live™, most of our attendees will be coming in from out out of town! To make things easy for you, we've reserved a block of 100 hotel rooms at Hall Arts at a special rate for Make Your Mark Live™ guests (first come, first serve). We'll also provide a complimentary shuttle to get you to and from the event venue each day (7 minute trek). You'll get a link to book your room via email once you register!
Check out Hall Arts Hotel ✨ HERE ✨

Happy Hour Details:

There will be a Welcome Party Happy Hour* on September 20th to get the party started and to connect new + familiar faces! We recommend getting into Dallas in the afternoon so you have some time to decompress, and then join us for Happy Hour in the evening. 

*This Pre-Registration Happy Hour is not affiliated with the alumni networking event. This is hosted after the event and is open to all attendees.

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Got questions about in-person tickets? We got you!

Didn’t see your question? Check our general FAQs right here!

5 Signs That Make Your Mark Live™ is an Event Worth Attending

Sign # 1: You feel like you sound just like everyone else and struggle to stand out in the marketplace.

Sign # 2: You want to get on more podcasts, and stages + have more collaborations but aren't sure how to make this a reality. 

Sign # 3: You are tired of going to conferences where it's a firehose of a bajillion topics and you have no time to digest or take action. 

Sign # 4: You want to connect with more like-minded smart and kind business owners who can walk the journey of entrepreneurship alongside you.

Sign # 5: You're ready to step into what feels right (and scary) for your business. 

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Have other questions + just wish a human would talk back? 

We totally get it because there’s just something about words that can feel sort of blah. So please send us a question, comment, love note, or haiku, and we will get back to you with a response!